Design Sprint 2.0

Develop your product idea with your target group and experts. Within 4 days you will come to...

A clickable design prototype

Valuable feedback from your target audience

Perfect basis to decide whether to start a project

You have a specific challenge and want to generate, prototype and test ideas with your target group? Then you've come to the right place. We take over the moderation and the design for you.

Process of a Design Sprint 2.0

Day 1: Workshop

First, we create a common alignment of the Challenge. Through a clearly defined process led by our facilitator, we are already developing different solutions as a team.

Day 2: Workshop

On the second day, we decide which solution idea goes into the next round. The solution is defined in more detail using a storyboard.

Day 3: Prototype

Thanks to the created storyboard, the designers can now create an interactive prototype. They will be supported by someone from your team who will create the content (e.g. write texts).

Day 4: Testings

Now the time has come, and the clickable prototype is tested with 5 people of the target group. This way, we find out if the implemented solution can solve the defined challenge. You now have a good basis to decide if you want to start a project.

Who is participating in Design Sprint 2.0?

Our presenters & designers

We take care of the organization & execution of the workshops, the design of the prototype and the execution of the user tests.

Your project manager

He defines the challenge, actively participates in the first two workshop days and makes the most important decisions.

Your target group

You are part of the target group and actively participate in the first two workshop days to generate solutions.

What participants say

"A team of creative doers who listen well, understand even better and can implement indescribably great!

Jöri Engel, CEO Real Estate

"If I had to describe the Apps Team in two words, they would be 'Interested' and 'Motivated'. I would definitely start a project with the Apps Team again."

Martin Ritzi, Supply Chain Project Manager

"The collaboration with the Apps team has worked very well. The MVP version of SoFIA I would say is a success and we are mega happy with it."

Florian Mottet, Product Owner SXD-DEV

"The cooperation was very pleasant from start to finish. If I had a need or requirement, we were able to adapt or implement it easily and quickly."

Tommy Karrer, Enterprise Architect II

Let us actively shape your success.

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