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Customer Touch Point Feeling
Eine Webapplikation für Kundenfeedback und -umfragen zu internen Störungen

Fleet Management Tool
Eine einfache Lösung für das Mieten von Geschäftsautos für Swisscom-Mitarbeiter

IoT Maps
Anwendung zur Überprüfung der Netzabdeckung und Pfadverluste in der Schweiz

Ein benutzerfreundliches Frontend-Tool für Support-Mitarbeiter

How we get there - a look behind the scenes

You are part of the target group and actively participate in the first two workshop days to generate solutions.

The design is created step by step. Many things are tried out, tested, innovated and iterated.

Exchanges with our customers are important to us. We keep at it until everyone is enthusiastic.

And now it's off to development.

We like to celebrate our successes as a team and get to know each other better through cool events. This makes work fun.

We have inspired them

Cruise Annesi
Dominik Müller
Thomas Walke
Jöri Engel
Florian Mottet
Martin Ritzi
Silja Roth
Tommy Karrer
Manuel Gerber

"With the Apps Team, we can benefit from an in-house development that specifically covers our individual needs, despite a modest budget. In addition, we invest in the skills of our young colleagues - a true win-win situation!"

Cruise Annesi, Project Management Digital Supply Chain at Swisscom AG

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